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Plants Health Psyche

ISBN: 9788897911517

Fabiola Pietroni and Francesca Marotta

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manual | p. 320| ed. April 2016

We are all used to seeing plants as organisms which produce oxygen or perhaps as fuel to burn; beyond that, we often don’t appreciate their full potential value. Because of this, it is often amusing to observe people’s reactions when we suggest a different approach.

Plants aren’t only rich in minerals, but also other very useful substances that aid in our survival and recovery from illness. Plants have protected us for millennia, enabling us to improve the quality of our lives on much more than merely an aesthetic level.

This illustrated guide, has the intention to give everyone access to the world of phytotherapy and how to take care of our common diseases following our advice.

Every recipe in the book has been tested with success on people in several years. These are original recipes you can't find anywhere else. There are also plant monographs where you can read about interactions and contraindications between plants and the drugs you're taking. Because plants are drugs in every aspect, it is essential that they be taken at the recommended doses.


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Plants Health Psyche

Plants Health Psyche

Fabiola Pietroni and Francesca Marotta